Short Minute of Meeting 11


John Arnold

Sheena McDonald

Minutes of the last meeting

The short minute of the November meeting was approved.

Meetings of the Commission

The next meeting will take place on 9 March 2015.  This will give members time to reflect on their work so far and prepare contributions for the final report.  It will also provide time to start drafting the report.

The National safeguarding Co-ordinator’s Activity Report

The Commission considered Tina Campbell’s Activity Report for November. 

Meeting with the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland

Andrew met with the Bishops’ Conference after the November meeting of the Commission. The outcome of this meeting was discussed.

Meeting with Mgr Hugh Bradley and Fr Tom Boyle

Andrew, Ranald and David had met with Mgr Hugh Bradley (General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference), and Fr Tom Boyle (Assistant General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference).  The outcome of this meeting was discussed.

Morning Session

Each of the work-streams provided feedback on progress so far and issues and findings arising.

Afternoon Session

Ranald facilitated a session where key issues were highlighted.

Timeable for final Report

It is hoped that we will be able to discuss written findings from all members at the meeting in March.  David highlighted a timetable to allow us to do that.

December 2015