Short Minute of Meeting 10


John Arnold
Kathleen Marshall
Stephen Robson
Danny Sullivan

Minutes of the last meeting

The short minute of the October meeting was approved, subject to one amendment proposed by Nancy.

Meeting with Cardinal Vincent Nichols

Andrew, Ranald and Lindsay gave some feedback on a meeting they had held with Cardinal Vincent Nichols. This was a pre-arranged meeting to gain a better understanding of the development of Safeguarding with the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales and to see what might be learned that would be relevant to the work of the Commission and helpful to the future Safeguarding within the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

Morning session

The morning session was taken up be internal business, and some discussion of early findings.

The National Safeguarding Co-ordinator’s Activity Report

The Commission considered Tina Campbell’s Activity Report for June. It should also be noted that Tina has submitted an Activity Report each month, including July and August.

Tina also submitted two additional papers and a Power Point Presentation for the current meeting.

Presentation from Professor Alexis Jay OBE

Professor Alexis Jay discussed some of her findings from the Rotherham Inquiry: “Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997-2013)”.

Evidence from other Church Safeguarding Officers

Evidence was provided by:

Rev Karen Campbell: Convener of the Church of Scotland Safeguarding Committee

Richard Cross: Head of the Safeguarding Service for the Church of Scotland

Sheila Ritchie: Vice Convener of the Church of Scotland Safeguarding Committee

Donald Urquhart: National Safeguarding Co-ordinator for the Episcopal Church of Scotland and the Methodist Church in Scotland

Taking Stock

A brief update was provided on the various strands of work currently underway. Good progress is being made.

Everyone will come to the December meeting with key issues arising from their work-stream.

November 2011