Short Minute of Meeting 8


Malcolm Graham
Ranald Mair
Stephen Robson

Minutes of the last meeting

The short minute of the last meeting was approved.

Extending participation

David informed everyone that the deadline for submissions to the Commission had been extended to 30 September.  A News Release has been issued informing the public of this.

Golley Slater have also used social media to raise awareness of the Commission and to ensure we get as wide a representation of individuals and organisations as possible.

Each Bishop, or representative has circulated a note (prepared by the Commission) to be inserted into the local Church Newsletters.  This note publicises our work and invites individuals to participate if they had any experience of the safeguarding procedures. David tabled a copy of one of the Bulletins, where the information was the first item.  However, at the time of the meeting it wasn’t yet in all Bulletins, and we agreed that there could be number of reasons for this including tight timescales.

Andrew will arrange to meet with some Parish Priests in Paisley, St Andrews and Edinburgh and Argyll and the Isles.   Nancy and Lindsay are making similar visits to Aberdeen and Glasgow as part of their work-stream.

Andrew will also meet with members of other Religious Orders. David to arrange.

Overall the Commission was satisfied that it was doing everything it could to ensure that as many people as possible were aware of our work and had the opportunity to participate

The National Adviser’s Monthly Activity Report

The report was noted and discussed.

Update on Contact with Survivors

Andrew and Roisin have met with, or were planning to meet with, all survivors who had requested a meeting.

Roisin provided a full update of numbers who have participated so far, as well as the issues they have raised.  A number of themes were starting to emerge.  Roisin will draft this part of the final report.

Andrew also highlighted some issues in relation to survivors contained in the written evidence provided by Archbishop Tartaglia.

Some other issues were discussed including what was being done in practice for survivors.  This was particularly the case for individuals who had been abused by members of other Religious Orders.  There is an issue here relating to who has the authority to act: the Bishop or the Superior of the Religious Order.

Danny highlighted the Homily on Safeguarding delivered by Pope Francis.  This seems to have had a quite dramatic impact on the issue of victims being listened to and believed, and on the issue of the responsibilities of the Bishops.

Evidence from Police Scotland

Evidence was taken at the meeting from Detective Chief Superintendent Lesley Boal.  DCS Boal also submitted written evidence.

This was a very full, frank and open session.

Progress with Work-Streams

Good progress is being made with the various areas of work being carried out by the sub groups.  Sheena provided feedback on the progress that she was making with Malcolm in terms of writing to individuals and organisations.  Nancy and Lindsay provided details of their forthcoming visits to meet with Priests, Safeguarding co-ordinators and parishioners in Glasgow and Aberdeen.  Other sub groups will report at future meetings.

Update on Meetings with The Bishops and Advisers

At the time of this meeting Andrew and other Commissioner had held six evidence-taking sessions.  Andrew gave full feedback on the issues raised and themes emerging.  Everyone had been extremely cooperative and open, and spoke with one voice.  Written evidence had also been provided or was due to be provided.

Final Report

David is thinking about the structure of the final report in light of the evidence being gathered from all sources, and in all formats.

Next meeting

The next meeting will take place on 13 October 2014.

September 2014