Short Minute of Meeting 6


Malcolm Graham
Stephen Robson

Minutes of Last Meeting

The minutes from our May meeting were approved and will be placed on the website.

Evidence from Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, President of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland

Archbishop Tartaglia thanked the Commissioners for their work in this extremely important project. He tabled a paper – 'Archdiocese of Glasow, Submission to the McLellan Commission' as evidence, The transcript of the discussion between Archbishop Tartaglia and the Commission will also be recorded as evidence.

Presentation from APS – our web designers

Alistair Busson and John Johnson updated the Commission on progress with the website, particularly the secure area where individuals can participate.

The secure website will be open from 16 June to 15 September.

The questionnaire is being finalised. Andrew stressed the importance of wording on the website so that everyone who wanted to participate, and not only survivors, was encouraged to do so. Kathleen pointed out the importance of including a confidentiality statement on the site. Kathleen and Roisin will send David a statement.

Alistair and John also highlighted a number of issues and options in terms of keeping information secure.

In terms of verifying submissions, individuals must complete the whole form and provide contact details. Some of the questions are mandatory. Some submissions might also be chosen at random and followed up.

We discussed which Commissioners should access the website and limited this to three. Roisin will lead on analysis, and depending on the number of submissions made we may need to employ someone to help with this.

Additional text can be added at any time.

An email address will be set up.

Roisin will collect any written statements from our Glasgow office.

We agreed that to widen participation we should send a letter to all parishes alerting individuals and organisations of our work and inviting them to participate. David and Ranald will draft a letter and make arrangements for this to be distributed – most likely through the Bishops’ Conference.

Work streams

Ranald and Donald had attended the Annual Safeguarding Conference for Clergy, and were very well received. The priests were extremely interested in the work of the Commission and were keen to be involved.

Ranald highlighted the importance of including young people in the evidence gathering process. Commissioners agreed that it would be appropriate to liaise with the Catholic Youth Service Scotland to reach out to young people. Ranald and Roisin to take this forward. Kathleen suggested that a child and young person friendly version of the final report might be made available. However, this has resource and expertise implications.

The issue of contacting as many people as possible was again raised. The use of a ‘pastoral letter’ to be read out to all congregations was agreed. David and Ranald to take this forward.

At the May meeting Tina Campbell, National Safeguarding Coordinator had presented the outcome of the 2012 Safeguarding Audit. Danny had raised some concerns about compliance and will send David some text to Tina to see how these were being addressed.

Donald raised his concern about the fact that parts of ‘Awareness and Safety’ were being updated as we were carrying out our work. He stressed that we must know which version we were dealing with, particularly as the document was not in any way user friendly, and in parts impenetrable to the layman. David to ask Tina what changes had been made.

Kathleen discussed her experience of working with the Commission in Northern Ireland. She plans to recruit a group a group of young people who will become aware of the issues and help to shape the recommendations at the end of the process. This is something that we might consider doing.

We decided not to hold the next proposed meeting in July to allow us to concentrate on gathering evidence and information. Andrew suggested that he would like to meet with the Bishops and their advisors on that Monday (14 July) and the next Tuesday (15 July). David to take this forward and check availability, etc. Each Bishop will be asked to submit evidence along the lines of the document produced by Archbishop Tartaglia.

It was agreed that we should use a semi-structured interview for these meetings to ensure consistency. There will be key questions about the diocesan response to survivors.

We need to ensure that we keep a list of all individuals and organisations that we meet, to avoid overlap and confusion. Members to send David a list of who they intend to meet, and also why and when the meetings will take place.

As discussed at the last meeting, it is likely that we will recommend a One-Church Approach and an independent Commission along the lines of the Cumberlege Commission. Danny to continue looking at this, including the experience of other jurisdictions.

Evidence gathering will take place until October. The Business Plan outlines the key dates. Each subgroup will produce a chapter for the final report. Nancy has pulled together a provisional list of relevant literature. Nancy will formalise this list and send it to everyone. The Government’s National Confidential Forum will also send relevant documents to David who will then forward them to everyone.

It was formally agreed that we cancel the meeting proposed for 14 July.

June 2014