How will the review be conducted?
Commission members will all meet together once a month. We will invite submissions from interested parties. It will be important for us to have the opportunity to listen to survivors. We will not, however, attempt to investigate or to determine allegations.

We will study legislation; read documents of policy and practice in the Catholic Church in Scotland and in churches elsewhere. We will meet people both within and outside the Catholic Church, including those with statutory responsibilities in the area of safeguarding.

What is the framework/methodology for this review?
Our aim is to ensure that the Catholic Church in Scotland is a safe place for all. We will approach our task by studying six areas of concern:

  • Church culture and theology
  • The civil context of legislation and compliance
  • Policy, procedure and practice
  • Structure and organisation of safeguarding within the Catholic Church
  • Liaison with Police, social work, regulation and Inspection bodies
  • Evaluation and continuous improvement.

What are the timescales/milestones?
We plan to report by the summer of 2015 and to make interim reports from time to time. Any matters requiring immediate attention will be raised right away.

How much will this cost?
At this stage in the work costs cannot be determined, however the Catholic Bishops have assured us that they will meet the costs involved in full.

Will you be talking to survivors of abuse suffered within the Catholic Church?
Taking time to listen to survivors is a clear priority for every member of the commission and we have recently finished a consultation process, where anyone who had used or participated in the current safeguarding protocols and practices within the Catholic Church in Scotland were invited to get in touch direct with the Commission via a questionnaire. This was not limited to survivors of harm and abuse and a number of people took the opportunity to relate their experiences and the information is being analysed as part of our report, due in the summer of 2015.